Thursday, March 09, 2006


You've been there when it started, you've seen it grow, and you've been an integral part of its growth, and I ask you once more, to come join hands in making this years quest too, a grand success! We have gone from strength to strength each year, slowly but steadily, adding to each area, on a firm foundation built by those who have gone before us. Watch us, help us and enjoy the fruit as yet another batch of intrepid SCTians from CESt organize and present the finest QUEST yet!

Quest '06 this year builds on the long tradition of its predecessors of being a catalyst for the interaction of the electronics industry, experts, as well as aspiring engineers. This year, quest comes in a variety of flavours, ranging from Cultural to Commercial Expo, Technical to Cyber athletics. Cultural is a pot-pourri of events to satisfy the need for expression and talent with events like Executive decision, VJ Hunt, while the Expo showcases Industry leaders in the field of consumer electronics, services etc. The technical events, the mainstay of quest, consist of the regular items like paper presentation, as well as innovative events like photopopper and cynosure. Cyber athletics features the FIRST LAN PARTY IN TRIVANDRUM with high performance gaming rigs .You're invited to bring your system along too, as there is always room for more frags and headshots!

All of this is happening this weekend on the 11th and 12th of March at Kanakakunnu palace grounds, spread over several venues. Expect 18,000 watts of sound to bring down the house during the rock show and cultural events. For those of who you can't make it, we hope that your participation is there in spirit, and will continue to guide us through the event. Meanwhile, drop by the website , and blog and do comment on our work (bouquets as well as brickbats welcome!) as well as for more information

Looking forward to seeing you guys again….
(For) convener, QUEST '06,

Auster Mascarenhas

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