Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SCTCE Alumni on 27th-DEC-2008

Dear Friend,
We inform you that annual Alumni get-together of SCT college of Engg: is
scheduled on 27 th of dec 2008 - 10 am at college seminar hall.

We invite you to attend this event which serves to provide a platform for
interaction with the teachers & batch mates.

Secretary SCEAA
pls forward this message to all SCT alumni

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

P3 at SCTCE (2008)

Our college, being ranked among the best in the country owes that credit to some of the unparalleled teaching geniuses working among the staff. It was always noted and said many a time that MOST of our teachers were just out of the world beings, one’s who could just come to class and teach entire subjects at a stretch without anything as little as a glimpse into the text books. The following might tell you why.

We started the third semester two months ago. And like always, we have new teachers, and new subjects. One of these dealt with heat transfers and stuff, which a mere mortal like me still finds pretty hard to comprehend. I was trying to study it for the series exam tomorrow. And then this incident flashed on my mind. Since I’ve already officially given up hopes of passing the exam, I thought I’d just come here and put this much down, hoping to give life to my wheezing, dying blog.

So where was I. Ah yes Heat transfer.

So this Sir. Let us call him Mr. Z.(For the sake of mine sessional marks in case he comes across this post). So Mr. X is teaching us about heat. I’m as usually nodding off in class; my upper torso on the verge of falling over- thanks to another late night the day before, wasting time fruitlessly online. And it happened before I could control it.


Mr. X: “ Ellarum enthade oru ksheenam pole, orakkam thane” (

Some wiseguy: “Sir this is a BIT boring”.

Mr. X:

This might be boring. Let me make the class a bit more interesting. Let us talk about wider topics.

Another wise guy: “Term used for when a space vehicle returns to the atmosphere”

Mr X: “ Correct!. Now the speed at which the vehicle returns is approximately 20 thousand miles per hour. Due to the friction with air, that generates a heat of kakkathollayiram into ten raised to 5 joules per centimetre”

*Class sits up straight. People are definitely getting interested*

Mr X Continues:

“So proper heat insulation is mandatory for the space vehicle. The NASA has developed different substances for that. Example, silica tiles.

VSSC il insulation tiles research chaiyunan oru main character njan anu (

We have developed a new material and tested it for heat resistance and then plotted a graph

This is the graph I got *Draws a graph*

And this is the graph NASA got for their material *Draws a strikingly similar graph*

Iee subject ile RANDU international paper ente peril anu. Njan ezhutiyata. Ente peru google chaitu nokiya kaanam

*explodes*Basically njan ithrem valia oru sambhavam anu

Ah ente classilanoda neeyokke kedanu orangune ? ninakonum naanam illeda.

Itoke bhayankara interesting anu.. itonum arinjodate neeyonum orukaalatum pass akan ponila. Gonam pidikathilla

Alla pinne”

Audience: “blink blink”

The complete posts may be read at this authors per


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SCTCE Alumni Event : Whats Next

Whats Next - August 15 2008

Dear friends,
If you are an alumni/student of the college and will be there in Trivandrum on August 15, please come to the college and attend the following event . Find the details below

Circulate this among SCT-ians.

What's NEXT?

Probably some of you are aware that the Arun-Aneesh Memorial award will be distributed every year on August 15th. This award was instituted by the 1996-2000 Computer Science students in memory of their classmates - Arun and Aneesh, who passed away on August 15th, 1998. This award which includes a certificate and cash award is given to the topper of each branch of 5th Semester in SCTCE. We would like to request your support and participation for this year's function.

As part of the Aneesh-Arun Memorial award distribution function, the Class of 2000 is organizing–"What's Next".

This is an open forum for the current students undergoing B.Tech course. This forum will provide you an opportunity to address topics which are more relevant to your future career. Whether it is choosing a career path, opting for higher studies or just life beyond college, we welcome all your questions.

We will have a diverse group of people looking forward to answering the questions you have. The panel is composed of your seniors from the 1996-2000 Batch, who are playing various roles in the industry like Project Manager, Technical Architect, Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, VLSI Design Engineer, Teaching Faculty, Test Manager, Business Solutions Consultant, Scientist etc.

We organized a similar session in 2003 and the response was absolutely incredible.We hope to see an even better response this time.

Venue : Seminar Hall, SCTCE
Date : 15 August 2008
Time : 9 a.m. (after flag hoisting)

For details Contact:Balarenjtih ( 91-9986210103) or Shaju Cherian (91-9447892852)
Email : balinfy@yahoo#com or shaju_cherian AT infosys#com

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training @ RTTC, Trivandrum

RTTC (Regional Telecom Training Centre), Trivandrum, an ISO 9001:2000 certified institution and one of the premier training Institutes of BSNL, has started various courses for public. One week intensive training courses have been designed for

o +2/Degree/Diploma/Engineering students/Faculty
o Doctors, Teachers ,IT & Telecommunication professionals
o Housewives,Employees and other computer aspirants

Courses Offered:



o Expert & Dedicated Faculty
o Well-equipped Labs
o Learning-oriented Environment
o Boarding and Lodging Facilities

For further information www.rttctvm.bsnl.co.in or contact:
Kaimanam, Trivandrum – 695 040
Phone: 0471 2526200/ 2526201
FAX: 0471 2526469
Email:- trainingkerala@bsnl.co.in

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dishaa 2008 on April 12th@Kanakakunnu

‘Dishaa’ is an event organized every year by a set of enthusiastic ,energetic and creative team of computer science engineering students of Sree Chitra Thirunal College Of Engineering(SCTCE)..This year 2008 , be there to witness the magic on April 12th 2008 at Nishagandhi and make Dishaa 08 the most happening event ever...

Dishaa is brought to you by LANSCAPE our organization for computer students in SCT. Both Technical and Cultural events are present ..Suraaj Venjaramood, A popular celebrity is coming for our event for performing a MEGA EVENT (Comedy Show).For more details please visit our website @ www.dishaa08.com .

Friday, March 28, 2008

Magna 08

Magna 08
Production engineering Students Association (PESA) of SCT college of engineering presents
‘Magna 08’
State Level Inter Collegiate Technical Fest

Inviting Papers for Tech n’Talk, the technical paper presentation competition:
If you think yours is the next big one that will transform technology, then Magna 08 provides the perfect platform for you to showcase it and let the world open up tomorrow with your thought. ‘Tech n’Talk’ the paper presentation contest at ‘Magna 08’, covers all disciplines of Engineering, categorized under four diffenrent streams –‘Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering’, ‘Mechanical engineering’, ‘Computer Science and Information Technology’, and ‘Biotechnology’. Students of all streams are invited to send your abstracts to magna08.sct@gmail.com on or before 20th Match 2008.
date : 3rd and 4th April 2008
venue :SCT college of engineering,trivandrum
Paper Presentation Topics: -

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering:-
• Optical Fiber Technology and Application
• Wireless Communication
• Radar and Satellite Communication Technology
• Information Theory and Coding Techniques
• DSP/Digital image processing/ Speech processing/ Multirate Signal Processing
• Antenna Design and Modeling Engineering
• Artificial Intelligence/ Neutral Networks
• VLSI Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering
• Advances in Thermal Power Engineering
• Non Conventional Energy Sources
• Recent Trends in Automobile Engineering
• Advances in Modeling and Simulation
• CAD/CAM and Robotics
• Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling
• Noise, Vibration and Condition Monitoring
• TQP/TPM and Optimization Techniques
• Automation of Manufacturing Processes
• Environmental Engineering, an up coming Mechanical Trends
• CFD Technology in Automotive Applications
• Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques
• Mechatronic Systems
• Advances in Gear Design
Department of Computer Science
• Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
• Mobile/wireless Network
• Data Mining and Warehousing
• Decision Making System
• System Security
• Image processing
• Human Machine Information System
• Modeling and Simulation
• Software Engineering

Department of Bio Technology
• Nanotechnology
• Nutriegenomics
• Immunotherapy
• Fermentation Technology
• Bio Films
• Tissue Engineering
• Drug Designing
• Metabolomics

Rules :
• A maximum of two participants per team is allowed.
• The participants will have to give their presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint
• Each team will be allowed ten minutes for presentation followed by five minutes of Question and Answer session.
• Selected teams should bring soft copy and hard copy of the report at the time of presentation
• Innovative and relevant topics related to science and technology are encouraged.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nirvaan-2008 on March 01-02


Come March and the city will rock to the tunes of Nirvaan ’08 the annual techno-cultural extravaganza of the Electronics Department, SCT.
Taking up from where we left off, Nirvaan promises to be a treat for all your five senses. Owing to the tremendous success of Nirvaan ’07, we have tried to bring in many new entities and innovations this time. Nirvaan has something for everyone. For all those dudes and babes we have scores of cultural events… many of them with a lot of, twists turns and surprises. And for all those techno ‘brats’ out there, we have some very serious stuff for you.

And finally, just when you thought you’d seen it all, we have a star nite to sign things off.
So tell your folks, tell your friends and be a part of the biggest techno-cultural extravaganza the city will witness.

Register here
Nirvaan Blog