Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I was lost in a crowd..But i loved the feeling..
It was a new atmosphere..full of strangers..
But i was there to make friends..I needed a change..
People do stare..Some give me a smile..
Not everybody are known to me..But still i love the place..
A place to lark around..
A foundation to attain lore..
It taught me more than whot life had to teach me..
I relish the idea of being there..
I am mesmerized by my new mondial..
Its December..The holidays are here..
I will miss this unparalleled world..
Let the ten days fly..I want to come back..
Continue the delight..
I have few more years in this firmament..
Let me enjoy as long as I subsist here..

Sunday, July 05, 2009

reccaanit.org Rating of Engineering Colleges in Kerala

There is a huge disconnect between the Rating of Engineering Colleges in Kerala 2009 made by REC/NIT alumni's at http://reccaanit.org/erating/government.html

The popular demand is different. Check the Engineering college rating made by public last year when the first allotment was completed.

People just don't go by the infrastructure and teaching staff...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nimantra 09 :: Festival of Biotechnology Dept@SCTCE

euBion, the student organisation of the Department of Biotechnology and biochemical Engineering, Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, is back in action. Since 2005, it has conducted several national conferences, bioinformatics workshops and seminars, aided by eminent scientists and pioneers in the field of biotechnology.

This year, again, we bring you a technical and cultural extravaganza "Nimantra" with the aim to bring together, the biotech student fraternity, providing a platform to nurture the young and innovative ideas in the field of biotechnology - the technology that transcends horizons.

April 18 th and 19th



- Paper and poster presentation on new & innovative topics


- Say no to coventialism…….a platform to express novel biotechnological strategies


- A grilling quiz to test your grey cells


- Translate your ideas into life..live & working models to exhibit ypur technical know-how


- Bring out the orator in you.A debatin session to be stern in your stance & express your views…


- Invited lectures by eminent personalities to enlighten your minds.


Choreo Nite

-"Dancing with the body is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another"
Quest for d best dancing genes……….


-If u hav a personality thatz worth flautin, then this is the perfect place to do it… winner walks away with the coveted Mr & Miss

Voice Hunt

- Win hearts with your mellifluous voice…….
Display ur singing skills to various genres of music……


Let your creativity flow.
Blend the business armour & the artistic finess for a product to fly off the shelves……

Server Down

- LAN gaming
Time again to prove your METTLE,
Time again to flaunt CONTROL
Time again to “PLAY THE GAME!!"


- Bits and Pixels - Collage

- Pixetra - Photography contest

- Dumb Charades

- Fine Arts - Cartoon and pencil drawing

- Mock Press

- Just A Minute

- Essay Writing

- Short Story Writing

- Memento

Register here