Friday, August 06, 2010

Yet Another Clash At SCT

Police take charge as 2nd year and 3rd Year Students Fight it out over silly matters

SCT college witnessed yet another Khakhi clad day as police locked down the campus after another inter semester clash. The issue started after a third year student allegedly threatened a junior. The sophomore was warned against showing up in college.

The junior who turned up was allegedly beaten up by a third year gang. A while later, the junior’s classmates gathered to question the event. This led to a standoff between the two classes. The matter got complicated as the final year students got involved, in a desperate attempt to sort out the issues.

The issue bloomed around noon. The final years, who managed to keep down the fight for a while, later irked the third years by pushing the mob apart. Gradually the argument turned around to a fight between the final years and their just juniors. The situation eased as a few teachers turned up to sort out the chaos. Peace came as lunch break ended.

However, in a short while, more battle cries rang from the top floor as the secondyear and third year students clashed again. In the absence of the Principal (who had reportedly gone to attend an anti-ragging squad meeting), the teachers took the liberty in informing the police.

By the time the peacekeepers had arrived, a good many windows, and noses, were broken. The sights of uniforms drove most of the mob away as the policemen took charge. The police, in their usual style, evacuated the campus as fast as possible. They stayed back till late evening to prevent further incidents.

The teacher who called the police said: “The principal was away. We informed him about it, and we had to inform the police because things started really getting out of hand.”

A staff from the college remarked,: “Sometimes things do get out of control, but if it were at their homes, would they break all the windows?”

SCT is reportedly the only professional college which permits police invasion of the campus without the principals permission. And they wonder why.

P.S: The writers camera batteries had died out before the event. Pictures of the broken windows will hopefully be uploaded later.

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