Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IEEE SB SCT online treasure hunt at www-webweaver-in

Dear All,

IEEE SB SCT is conducting an online treasure hunt CRYPTON.

Crypton is a game which aims at bring out people who can think out of the box.
Its scheduled to run at www.webweaver.in from 17th Feb.

What the game is about:
It is an online treasure hunt that has an undisclosed number of levels.
Each level hosts a crypt which will have a clue hidden somewhere in the webpage, which will be the only source of help to the answer.
A player is required to find the solution to each crypt, only which will let him into the succeeding level.
The answer may contain words,numbers or symbols with no white-spaces.
There will be a leaderboard where all the scores of the participants will be put up.
The one who crosses the last level in the least possible time wins.
The winner will be rewarded with a sum of Rs.1500.


Amal Dev
IEEE SB Chairman

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