Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tech Forum Development

Hello fellow sctians,
Greetings. I am happy to know that such kind of activity exists within the sctce group and greatly do appreciate the efforts taken to setup up this blog site. First of all let me give a small introduction to you about me. I am an ex-sctian, ME Prod Batch (1997-2001) presently working in US. I work as a PLM Consultant for one of the biggest aerospace companies. I derive great pleasure in being part of this community and anxiously waiting to see more developments in this community. I believe it is our duty as ex-sctians as well as present sctians to share our thoughts and ideas in developing a powerhouse of a blog site to rake in more participants and subequently climb the ladder of success. thank you once again and looking forward to hearing from all of you and also expecting everyone's participation in making this a success.



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