Sunday, January 08, 2006

Edusat, Advantages preside Disadvantages

EDUSAT, the first International Satellite Exclsuively for Educational Purposes was launched by India and Kerala being the first state to use its potentials.

A very few colleges are now edusat terminals, Our Prestigious College being one of those. I have been personally taken to Gorkee Bhavan, Trivandrum, an Uplink station for a Live Telecast of Educational Show conducted by none other than Mr. Bobby Philip on Electrical. The whole experience was quite heart throbbing since we saw something that was beyond what we expected. 5 heavy cameras snapping our each move and showing it on CGPU hall, LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE!!!

More detailed report on it is yet to come..
Proud to be an SCTian.

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Nesmel said...

wow,... guys ... need more info on these stuff.. being a hardwired SCT-ian (read alumni)... such new news abt the college is always nostalgic...